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Modifications Attorney in Huntsville, Alabama

The experienced attorneys at Secure Law P.C. understand that life happens. While two parties may have entered child custody and/or support agreement with the best of intentions, an unforeseen emergency and/or change in circumstances may necessitate a modification. Having committed their professional careers to assisting Alabama families to establishing modifications that work for all involved, the skilled team at Secure Law P.C. is eager to help you and those you love most obtain the outcome you deserve.

Why Would Anyone Need a Modification?

There are numerous reasons why one party may want to modify an existing child support and/or child custody order. For example, the loss of one’s job would obviously mean a diminished source of income, as would a medical emergency or worsening disability. A change in one’s cost of living may also qualify as an acceptable reason for seeking a modification.

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Communication is Key

It’s always helpful to explain why you are seeking a modification. A simple statement from your doctor explaining your worsening medical condition may suffice, as might a personal offer of non-financial support. Keep in mind, however, that the non-custodial parent might raise objections to a child support modification if she or he perceives that the other parent is simply trying to avoid honoring their financial obligations.

Secure Law P.C. helps Huntsville families with modifying existing child support and/or child custody arrangements. Call us now to discuss your case with our compassionate family law attorney.