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Call a reliable vehicle accidents attorney at Secure Law, P.C. who will gladly take your case to trial if it becomes necessary to get you a fair settlement. We will fight for you during negotiations and in court to help you protect their rights and interests in the aftermath of a car crash or other vehicles accident.

A sudden accident can change drivers’ lives in the blink of an eye. If you or someone in your family has been hospitalized to order to treat injuries resulting from a vehicle accident, you may be in a position to recover financial compensation by filing an insurance claim. Filing an insurance claim is the first step in what can be a long legal process that includes negotiations and sometimes litigation.

Most people, of course, are not familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding insurance claims in the State of Alabama, and this is why the assistance of an experienced legal professional can be key to getting all the financial compensation you deserve for your ordeal.

Alabama’s Doctrine of Pure Contributory Negligence

Unlike many other states, Alabama has a pure contributory negligence law. Simply put, this means that if a defendant is able to demonstrate that a victim was in any way responsible for having themselves contributed to the likelihood of an accident, they are entitled to no compensation at all! For example, claims examiners may argue that a victim who was wearing out-of-date prescription glasses, under the influence of allergy medicine, or wearing slippery shoes is 10% to blame for having caused the accident in which they were injured. Due to this doctrine, it can prove challenging for first-time victims to be sure they are doing everything possible to protect their rights after a crash.

Let an experienced personal injury attorney help you prevent insurance companies or other parties from acting in bad faith and standing between your family and the financial damages you need. Contact an aggressive personal injury attorney who can assist you with interviewing witnesses and experts, gathering physical evidence, submitting all necessary legal and medical documentation in accordance with state law, and the other aspects of the claims process. Contact our Huntsville office today to schedule a consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney.

Representing Victims of Vehicle Accidents in Alabama

The Alabama legal practice of Secure Law, P.C. represents victims of all kinds of vehicle accidents in the State of Alabama, including car accidents, motorcycle crashes, and 18-wheeler and other large truck accidents. We can help you take on negligent drivers, car manufacturers, municipal authorities or property owners, or other parties who may be responsible for having caused your current situation and liable the costs you have incurred, including the cost of your pain and suffering. Call us today to get started on filing your claim and get help with making the law work for you for a change!

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